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Few days ago, ReallyMobile announced a competition where everybody have a chance to win either Nokia N97, E75, or E55. There are three ways to join on the competition and you will also have a limitless entries to send. To win one of those devices all you need to do is pass a video/image/text entries from one of these choices or you can do all these 3. And the top 3 people who made the ReallyMobile crew laugh most will win.

1.You’re Really Mobile’s Dad. Explain to Really Mobile how it should behave when it’s a grown-up, possibly with reference to ‘currently grown-up’ mobile/tech sites.
2.Pick the actors who will play the cast in “Really Mobile: The Movie” and justify your choices.
3.Write a Haiku to/about The Really Mobile Project or something we’ve blogged.

Easy, right? Don’t forget to leave your links and entries on the comment section of ReallyMobile post.

This is my entry on the Really Mobile Project competition for the ReallyMobile: The Movie.

Wenworth Miller
Dan Lane

Wenworth Miller would be my top pick for Dan because Wenworth’s character on prison break had a tattoos all over his body while Dan has RFID on his left wrist. And also when Wenworth have a bald hair cut all you need to do is put some piercings on Wenworth then they will look alike (no offense sir Dan =P). Wenworth will be a little bad boy on the movie.

Dan is smiling and wearing a rubber boots while Wenworth is holding a pistol. XoXo(hugs & kisses)

Jack Coleman
Ben Smith

First of all, sorry Ben, but I will remember you when I see Jack Coleman especially when he wears his glasses. Jack’s character on Heroes is always being a caring dad to his family and I would like to see that Jack will portrait Ben because of character for being caring, sweet, and of course smart and wise. They both look smart and they have some resemblance on their physical aspects so that would be a great aspect. Plus it will be a good tandem for Wenworth as a bad boy and Jack as the soft-hearted person. And now it is well-balanced.

Peace from Ben and a lovely smile from Jack. Jack & Ben for peace and love in the world. "All the love in the world" by The Corrs

Daniel Craig
James Whatley

My name is James…James Whatley! James is the name ‘couching’ is the game. If we have already a bad guy and a caring guy on the movie all that we need now is a James Bond and a lovely lady. So,  it will be Daniel Craig  to portrait as James Whatley because we all know that James have nice charisma to public and very appealing guy to miss Vikki.

Both on aviator glasses. So cool!

Scarlett Johansson
Vikki Chowney

A bad boy, a caring guy, and a pretty boy, so, one character is missing and that will be the flower out from the thorns or we may say it as a lovely Vikki Chowney from ReallyMobile.

Daniel as James is not complete without Scarlett as Vikki, a beautiful and a lovely lady with a little curls on the hair that both seen on these two beautiful ladies, miss Vikki & Scarlett. Plus Daniel and Scarlett will be a new hit in the Hollywood as a couple (in the movie).

The lovely ladies of Daniel and James. :D

I just thought of Simon to be a producer while Ellen will be the director of the movie. Simon & Ellen are nice and nasty, so it will be a cool and fun to watch. heheh.

You could also check Michael Hell’s movie entry and check out more info at Nokia DNA.

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  2 Responses to “Really Mobile: The Movie #ReallyMobile”

  1. This makes me laugh. A LOT.

    Very sweet of you to be so kind to us all :)


    Jade Bryan Jardinico Reply:

    Thanks so much..hope sir Dan would be happy on this (like on his image above). Really want to see mr Dan with that smile. :)


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