Aug 282012

Nokia ,Samsung Vs Apple

I was hesitant to open up my decision here for a long time ,but everything has an ending point . I have never dreamed that Symbian would have this fast .Nokia inspired me like lot of others . Because of Nokia I started watching the global mobile industry from the tiny country which is not a market for Smart phones those days.

I have spent most of my earnings in buying the Hi-End Nokia devices ,before it touches Sri Lanka . I could remember that ,I was the almost first retail customer to purchase Nokia N95-8GB(2) in Malaysian stores ,when I was working there. I  had strategically chosen the Singapore border as my living place ,to make sure that I visit Singapore every weekends to play with the new Nokia devices and keep an eye on the mobile phone industry.

I have written most of my reviews of mobile phones after doing an out right purchase of the Nokia devices. Later ,Nokia’s integrated marketing division ,called WOMWORLD/Nokia started to send me trial devices .

I got lot of friends and foes because of my passion towards Nokia via . As many of other Nokia freaks did ,I have stopped writing after losing the interest on Nokia ever since   their shift to Windows Mobile .

Nokia was the leader of Asian markets few years back ,and now the Korean mobile giant Samsung have over taken all shares.Nokia means nothing here ! ,a one time King of phones.

I have moved to Android platform a year back ,and found it is really rocking .

I was thinking to close this blog officially for long time ,but I am compelled to keep this blog for some reasons but not myself here. Yes I am quitting from  .(Updated : 20/Dec/2012)

Advertisers ,thanks a lot for the support that helped me a lot to come out hard times in my life !

Goodbye everyone ,you can reach me always at my new blog  where I  write about gadgets and phones ,specially on Android platform.


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