Nov 132010

Swype for Nokia N8

All of the Nokia N8 and other Symbian S^3 devices like C7,C6-01 owners can get the Swype (a new way of text input )final version directly from the OVI Store now . It was a big search topic in the forums and in lot of blogs last few weeks . The earlier beta version from Nokia Beta Labs was not working properly . I hope this official version of the New Swype for S^3 will work fine.

Swype for Nokia Demonstration Video

If you are new to Swype input method just go to the official web site and learn the Swype tutorials ,where you will find tons of videos teaching you the secrets of Swype(how to use Swype,tips and tricks of Swype etc..).

Swype for Symbian S60 V5 touch UI ,which is still in beta(latest version) ,but works fine .I have done  a search in OVI Store today for a final version for my N97 ,but could not spot it .

If you are an owner of Nokia N8 ,what’s next ,go to OVI store in your phone and search for “Swype” download and install it ,don’t forget to restart the phone to run the Swype smoothly in your device(if you have the previous version of Swype ,uninstall before the installation ).

Visit Nokia Beta Labs for further info of Swype for your device .

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