Nov 182010


Nokia reported the massive growth of the  OVI store’s application  downloads today. On average OVI store gets 3 Million hits daily .

OVI Store downloads stats compared with Apple Itunes
Above Chart from Compares the OVI Store with Apple and Music Stores.

Nokia started the OVI Store in the mid of 2008 and geared from mid of the 2009. After the integration of the OVI Store client in the phones (pre installed and free download options ),and the promotions done by Nokia in various forms the number of downloads also started to increase.

Earlier this year Nokia reported a daily download average of 1.5 Million apps from the OVI Store.OVI store’s number of  membership also exceeds 165 million members across more than 190 countries.  From my perception and few of the Stats from my published App in OVI ,N97 ,Xpress Music 5800 and Nokia N8 users are aggressively download contents from OVI Store .Normally people do more downloads when they buy new phones .

top apps downloads for Nokia N8
This images shows the top application downloads for Nokia N8 ,the data revealed by forum Nokia.

Angry Birds,Q Torch,Need for Speed Shift HD,are  few of the top most applications downloaded for the Nokia N8. Nokia N8 and some creative applications like Swype played a reasonable contribution in the leap of the app downloads .No doubt that ,the upcoming new Symbian^3 based Nokia phones also will play a big role in this number game.

Nokia declared that each registered user of the OVI Store downloads average 2.6 apps. 92 OVI Store publishers got more than 1 Million downloads of their applications ,this number will be 100 within next two weeks as per the stats.

OVI Store Downloads – what was your contribution ?

Most of the top downloads are the free apps. Angry Birds like some paid applications also doing exceptionally  well in the OVI Store .How many of you have purchased some apps from OVI Store so far ? I would love to hear form you the list. Thanks in advance !

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  2 Responses to “OVI Store Rocks–How do you see the 3M downloads per day”

  1. Purchased :
    Angry Birds
    Quick Office
    Thread Sms(Apple like sms)

    Battery Monitor
    and more than 30 apps in the recent past


    S.Manimaraa Reply:

    Great Mark !,it seems that you select the apps very carefully in terms of usability and quality .


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