Jan 092010

It is a our pleasure to announce you ,that we offer 5 full licenses for Happy Wakeup Mobile Software.

Happy wakeup is a revolutionary Health Software developed by Smart Valley Software Ltd. I have written a detailed review earlier in pspezone.com/vblog .I tested it with Nokia N95 8Gb. Shortly I will write the performance of the Happy Wakeup in my Nokia N97 as I am currently testing it.

Happy Wakeup is an alarm for your mobile ,but it recognize your sleep level via mobile phones mic and start the alarm,the time gap of the alarm and recognition period about your wakeup postion can be set. Happy wakeup listens to your body movement and breathing sound. As the alarm starts and wake ups you on the correct time you wakeup ,you will not feel tired .

Mean time I enourage all of you to read the review then comment here, get a free license.

How to get a free license of Happy Wakeup ?(happy wakup for S60 V3 – V5)

It is easy click here to read the post about best mobile apps of year 2009 and write at least one suggestion(comment)in that post or here in this post.

I plan to finalize the list next week  (not offering a fixed dead line )so be fast to submit your comments. The 5 lucky winners will be  choosen  and offered free licenses.

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  14 Responses to “Happy Wakeup Free Licenses-Give away from Symbiandreams”

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  2. The Apps I use and enjoy most on my e71 are: Nimbuzz, Headline RSS, LCG Jukebox, Shazam and jbakTaskman.
    I’d like a free license for Happy Wakeup as my Smart Phone helps me run my life and could now look after my well being :)


  3. 1.Opera Mobile & Gravity:

    Awesome browser ever created for mobile it just handles the page like cheese so smooth and in India where 3G is not widely available.It simply Rockz.. :beer:

    And should i tell about Gravity :D Awesome fully integrated Twitter Client with Kinetic Scrolling.:yeah:

    2.Shazam one of the best music app i admired off!

    3.Nimbuzz with Twitter Integrated does the Social Networking pretty easy in AIO app :) but stil misses some features like Gravity ;)

    4.X-Plore i dont want to explain it :P

    5.JbakTaskMan – aio awesome task manager which comes handy if you need to cleanup RAM ;)


  4. Hi i want a happy wake up


  5. I vote for gravity first and then i agree with Siraj’s list


  6. [...] Announcement: Get your Happy wakeup license for free now (January 2010 Give Away from Symbiandreams.com ) Hurry up . Visit this link and post [...]

  7. Still 1 happy wakeup license available. the rest will get email notificaiton shortly . Please keep in touch follow me on http://twitter.com/symbiandreams


  8. I’ve just been trying to get a demo of this.. but had no luck the 30min free is not so good.. you can’t see how it works when you sleep.

    Would love a licence if you have one still. many thanks x


    S.Manimaraa Reply:

    This is your day !,please check your inbox for a happy wakeup license !


  9. This app sounds like it could be revolutionary. Imagine if it really worked as advertised, the productivity of people would be increased so much.

    I’m really interested to try this app out… will report back with my findings. (Would be nice if I had a free license to go with it ;)


  10. cool


  11. i really want the happywakeup license..been finding for it for 3 months and more…i dont really like the trial version as i dont see the effect…so i hope you can send me the file… Thanks.


  12. Probably the most innovative app i’ve come across. I always wondering about sleep cycles and how I could monitor myself somehow. (I have the hardest time sleeping at the right time and waking up refreshed). I’ve tried HappyNap and it’s been working out really well with me…now if I could only try Happy Wake Up..that would be the true test…


  13. huooooaaaaa

    Im very Sleepy to write, if u get new licenses, pls i need one…
    Maybe i will be more motivated to write



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