Mar 022010

What if your N97 or N97 Mini didn’t boot up or got crashed when you turned it on and keeps hanging on the start up screen, and you don’t know how to fix or repair it. This is just the same problem I’ve encountered when I received my N97 Mini. After few hours of using the phone, I turned it off and then I recharged my phone. But when the time I turned it on, it keeps hanging on the start up while on the Nokia logo and I can’t turn it off either. So you will be force to remove the battery. One thing I did was I searched on the web and learned that this was maybe an old firmware’s bug and then it turns out that you are left with one resort, hard reset. How to hard reset your beloved N97 Mini or N97 (also for 5800, X6, other Symbian^1):      

Update(23/October/2010):You can find lot of resources to fix  Nokia N97 and N97 mini here in 1) How to Hard reset your Nokia N97,Xpress Music 5800 etc- a guide 2)How to make your Nokia N97 faster ,7 key points after 1year experience with N97

Steps on this page. Just click this link. Or you want to see it on video.

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  4 Responses to “How to fix your N97 & N97 Mini”

  1. My N97 mini, has for the last few hours been frozen. I havent been able to use the touch screen at all. Although the qwerty keypad worked for a bit. Locking and unlocking the phone seemed to make it work but for only 15 to 20 seconds at the most. Throughout the six months I have had this phone it has had minor problems. Such as switching on and off automatically, dropping signal for no apparent reason and the occasional screen freeze. I do not recommend getting one… ever.


  2. hi! my nokia n97 mini runed out of battery, then i tried to charge it, but it didn’t charge anymore.. even if I let it chargin for hours! I’ve traied to hard-reset but nothing happens.. Still no turning it on! Please Help! send me an answer in my email..


  3. I have same broblem. Help please


  4. what is the solution for this prolem “Not Valid Sim Card” of my nokia N97 mini pls teach me how to repair this problem?


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