Dec 052011

Nokia Lumia 800


Insights about Nokia’s sales trend are not that much good these days !. Nokia’s latest hi-end phone Nokia Lumia is generating a good sales in some countries ,but the result in Nokia’s own country ,Finland seems almost negative. Where do you go Nokia ?

Nokia have had a market share of  about 76 percent one year back and about 90% some more years ago in Finland.But the latest sales figures in Finland have fallen to 31%   that means 45% percent of  shares have been gone !

Read more about Nokia’s sales in 2010/2011

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  6 Responses to “Nokia Lumia Sales figure at Home-Finland”

  1. You do know that Finland is not one of the initial launch markets for the Lumia 800!


    S.Manimaraa Reply:

    You are right ,but the Finland people used to go with Nokia for decades and suddenly declined to go for other Nokia devices launched there ,noticeably in 2011 ,after the Microsoft Nokia deal had been announced .


  2. Bad post. You are suggesting Nokia lumia sales dissapoint in a nokia n9 market based on Q3 data. 2010 is dominated by Apple and Samsung. I am even surprised Nokia’s market share is still at 35% at the end of Q3 with really prehistorical phones out there. The lumia on the other hand is a price winning phone running price winning software supported by a commercially attractive app market. Im fully confident that the lumia will put Nokia back where it belongs and will make Windows phone os flush android os just as easy as it has it has gained market share.


    S.Manimaraa Reply:

    Thanks for your comment ,I am also a Nokia fan boy like you for quite some time ,but our sentiments don’t workout all the times in real life .Nokia’s market share of over 70 percent fall down to 30/35% somewhere ,shows you the fall of the sales ,the original post that I have written at would show you clear stats . It talks only about Finland and it does n’t reflect the sales all over the world. But my point is ,that this fall of sales in Finland sends some messages to Nokia .

    Secondly ,simply no one can predict that Windows phone could smash all other Operating Systems like Android ,Apple I-OS.


    Ralph Reply:

    Thanks for replying. The good news, which perhaps has some predictional value, is that I am not a Nokia fan boy. I have had an intense 4 year relationship with my Iphone. About 1 month ago I traded my Applish lifestyle for something new, the Nokia lumia 800. I got tired with the Iphone’s inferface and Itunes’ updates plus syncing stages.

    Furthermore I agree the recent facts and figures send out a message. Nokia replied with the lumia.


    S.Manimaraa Reply:

    love your reply ,particularly the final line ,Great !

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